Loan Officer Support:

Loan officers can contact RFB at:  Please include your full name, account number and a detailed description of the problem.  In order to keep prices low we do not offer phone support.  The loan officer setup video shows in great detail how to use the software.

Before you contact us for support please view the Tutorial Videos, Loan Officer Setup Instructions and the help topics below.

Help Topics:

“File not found” error- software will not open

In most cases your antivirus software is blocking or removing the VBScripts within our software.  Blocking all VBScripts is great for stopping hard to detect viruses and bad for running trusted software that use VBScripts.

Step 1) In your antivirus software, add the “Real Estate Flyer Builder” folder (located on your desktop) to the antivirus exclusion or exception list.  To find instructions, do a web search for “your antivirus program + exclusion list”

Step 2) Run the Real Estate Flyer Builder “Setup” file to restore the missing files.  In some cases you might need to disable your antivirus software before step 2.

Excel 2007 is very slow

We recommend Excel 2010 or later primarily because they are fast compared to Excel 2007

“Object Not Found” and “Compile” Errors

The 64 bit versions of Office currently do not include objects and functions used by Real Estate Flyer BuilderTM. Reinstall Office and use the default 32 bit option. According to Microsoft, most users should use the 32 bit version because of current compatibility issues. The 64 bit version is only needed when working with extremely large Office files

How do I open Real Estate Flyer BuilderTM? I cannot find the login on the webpage

Real Estate Flyer BuilderTM is not a webpage; it is a program that runs on your computer. To open Real Estate Flyer BuilderTM, select the program icon located on your computer’s desktop or start menu.

How do I change my contact/account/billing information?

Option 1: In Real Estate Flyer BuilderTM select “Loan Officer Login and Settings” then “Account Information". Option 2: Recomplete the registration form. Our system will detect that you already have an account and update your contact and billing information. Option 3: Email the changes to– do not email credit card information.

The house picture on the flyer is blurry

Real Estate Flyer BuilderTM will resize pictures to fit the flyer. If the picture is resized larger, low resolution pictures may appear blurry. This problem usually occurs when copying pictures from web pages. Web based pictures are usually small and low resolution.

How are the closing funds calculated and can the settings be changed?

1. Points (found on the “Rates View/Edit” form) 2. Fixed costs for each loan (found on the “Loans View/Edit” form) 3. Prepaid costs, escrows, attorney fees, title insurance (found on the “Loan Settings” form)